How to order?

Click the "Order" button or send us an email indicating the requested models, the quantities, your shipping and billing addresses and the payment method you wish to use. We will contact you to finalize the transaction. Your order will be shipped upon reception of your payment.

Please note that all leather goods are made to order. Contact us well in advance to make sure you are on the waiting list. The production time can be several months. For these products, payment is only requested when your order is completed.

Payment methods

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Paypal, this is the fastest way
  • Money order. Customers in the United States of America MUST make sure to send an INTERNATIONAL money order. (Regular US money orders can not be cashed in other countries.)
  • Bank draft, for costumers located in other countries than Canada and USA.


Your order will be shipped upon reception of your payment except for leather goods that are made to order. For some leather goods, the waiting time can be up to a year.

We use Canada Post and ask for insurance and delivery confirmation. We would like to remind our customers outside Canada that they may have to pay custom fees or importing taxes in their own country.

Here are the estimated shipping and handling fees for swords, in Canadian dollars:


of swords

(Canada Post)

(Canada Post)


$ 32.00

$ 36.00


$ 38.00

$ 39.00


$ 43.00

$ 45.00


$ 47.00

$ 48.00

How are your swords different from what is offered by other suppliers? Why are they more expensive?

Our swords are among the most faithful reproductions of French military swords of the first half of the 18th century available on the market. The hilts are made from castings of original parts, thus keeping the original form and lightness. By respecting the original dimensions and shapes, our blades are lighter than many swords reproductions offered elsewhere. Even the assembly method is authentic.

The price of our swords reflects the time, money and labor invested in our quest for quality reproductions.

Are your swords suitable for fencing?

Our blades are forged in quality steel but we do not recommend the use of our swords for fencing or other combat sports. We can not be held liable for any injury or damage that may be caused by any such activity. Also, these reproductions are not suitable for kids. 

Custom reproductions

We may produce other accoutrements other than those offered on this site, like officers’ waistbelts. All leather goods are made to order. Also, we focus on reproducing French objects of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Contact us to discuss your needs. If we cannot directly help you, we may redirect your request toward another supplier.

Please note we do not make gibernes and demi-gibernes.

Do you offer workshops and public demonstrations?

David Ledoyen offers demonstrations of pewter spoons casting to museums and historic sites. This craft is highlighted with the use of many original or reproduction objects. This demonstration is an occasion to discuss about the metals used in 18th and 19th centuries homes. Contact us for more information.